Krystyna’s Story

I recently read a book called ‘Krystyna’s Story’ telling the experience of one of the 734 Polish children who came to NZ as refugees after WWII. These children were forcibly deported to Siberia then, when Russia changed sides in the war, they were abandoned to survive somehow. When the children were told they were going to New Zealand they knew nothing about it but it was described as a land ‘flowing with milk and honey’. This powerful and hopeful image comes to us from Exodus 3; the words were first spoken to Moses out of the burning bush as the Lord commissioned him to bring God’s people out of captivity, oppression and exile. Very appropriate that these words were to give hope to the exiled Polish children.

In Moses’ commissioning we see that God is concerned for the dispossessed, the poor and the oppressed. As we approach this general election, recognise that people can be exiles and captives in their own land. The economy can deprive people of life and hope when they cannot earn enough to care for family or to house themselves; when benefits are unrealistic and are withdrawn as punishment. I know there are no easy answers but I believe an economy should be for the people, especially the most vulnerable. Approach your civic duty to vote with prayer and discernment.

Alex Czerwonka

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