Love your neighbour

What a fascinating, infuriating, surprising election campaign this has been.

As I write this, the outcome is unclear. As you read this, it may well be that the outcome is still unclear. It seems more than probable that some kind of coalition arrangement will be needed in order to get a government with enough votes to hold a majority in Parliament. That at any rate seems to be the normal outcome of an MM election.

But is that such a bad thing? It is, after all, why most voters supported MW rather than First Past the Post back then.

Under the old system it was all too easy for one party to get a majority in the House even if they didn't get the greatest number of votes in the election, and because FFP usually ended up with only two parties in Parliament, it could all too easily lead (as we had seen) into a very one-sided regime that ignored much of the country.

So we are committed to co-operation in Parliament, rather than dominance by one group. We have to listen to the voices of people we may not agree with.

And as I see it, if we take seriously the business of "love your neighbour as yourself', maybe that's not a bad way to go.

Harry Hicks

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