Child Poverty

September 28, 2014

Vicar’s Reflection: 28th  September 2014,


Motion on Child Poverty approved at the Waiapu Synod 2014.

Parishioners please note recommended actions in 4b&c

That the Synod:

1. Deplores the fact that 27% if  New Zealand children live in households where income fall below the poverty line and that this figure has remained relatively flat since 2009 as reported by the Children’s Commissioner (May 2014).

2. Deplores the injustice of a system that supports children of working parents through tax credits, yet provides no income support for children in families that receive benefit income, student allowance, pensions or long term ACC  payments or who are raised by other family members.

3 Supports the Children’s Commissioner’s call for reducing child poverty to be a   “top-line mission” of government and for the enactment of child poverty   legislation that includes income measurements and targets.

4 And call for the following courses of action:

A. The release of a public statement on the Synod’s concern to see a

 eduction in child poverty levels to be sent to media outlets and to the  leaders of all political parties.

B. Letters and emails from Ministry units and individual parishioners in the Diocese to all MPs and relevant ministries in the incoming government to call for urgent action to reduce child poverty.

Challenges  parish’s to continue to raise awareness and to include in their own outreach activities that contribute towards the reduction of child poverty in the local area and more widely across New Zealand


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