All Saints/ All Souls

Vicar’s Reflection: 2nd November 2014, All Saints

There is a phrase in the Apostles Creed (NZPB p 461), “I believe…in the communion of the saints.” We often say these words without a great deal of thought, but they more encouraging and meaningful to me as the years go by. As I get older there are more people I remember who have died, my parents and parents in law, my brother, various uncles and aunts, dear friends and some children and young people we have known only too briefly. This experience of loss can become a parade of sadness unless we have the hope offered to us in Jesus Christ, who overcame death and gave us the promise of eternal life. This is what the phrase in the Apostles Creed is all about. For those who have gone before us remain alive in the presence of God, for God is eternal. Once a relationship is established with the living Lord Jesus it cannot be ended by our physical death. Therefore when I say those words in the Creed I call to mind those with whom I am still in communion even though they are no longer physically around. I remember them as people whose life continues in the richness of God’s provision in Jesus Christ. Some of them may have departed from us, but God’s love is for all the saints.

Alex Czerwonka

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