Advent Sunday

Vicar’s Reflection: 30th November 2014, Advent Sunday

Summer officially begins tomorrow yet evidence of its coming seems uncertain. Some days the sun beats down like a hammer. Other days are like a return to winter, the forecast predicting cold showers and snow down to 700 metres. Regardless of the vagaries of the spring weather even the plants put out their new leaves, buds and blossoms in anticipation of the warmth and sunshine of summer; they confidently plan their summer fruit despite these daily uncertainties. There is a lesson in this, which Jesus points out in Mark’s Gospel (13:24-31) referring to the fig tree. Jesus describes a scene of cosmic distress with the sun and moon darkened and the universe shaken, yet despite this God’s purpose will be fulfilled. Over many generations these words have filled people with both dread and hope. Dread at the unsettling and fragile nature of our existence which is so dependent on a settled and orderly world; yet also hope that when the orderliness of existence is under threat God’s purpose is undeterred. The Advent season which begins today marks our confidence in God’s promise and sign of hope in Christ Jesus. There are many uncertainties in life, the world and the church, despite these, like the plants, we put out leaves of healing, buds of hope, blossoms of peace and the fruitfulness of love. Alex Czerwonka

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