Advent 2

Vicar’s Reflection: 7th December 2014, 2nd of Advent

Some of the loveliest songs are duets. Songs like ‘Up Where we Belong”, “I Got You, Babe” and classical examples such as from the ‘Marriage of Figaro’ and ‘La Traviata’ They are like a sung conversation. Sometimes the voices are in harmony and sometimes in tension. When John the Baptist appeared in the desert to warn people to prepare for the coming of God’s Kingdom by a baptism of repentance he was singing a duet with Isaiah from six hundred years earlier who also sang of repentance and preparedness. They were singing in harmony in times of great tension. Their messages to their times and generations was that the time had come to put away the sins of the past. Their song contains a message that is always current. We don’t need to wait for a cosmic event or a great calamity to fall upon us; we need to act now. Scientists tell us this about global warming and climate change. The time to act with justice, courage, fairness, mercy and love is always now, tomorrow may be too late. Often song duets contain elements of disagreement and even hostility, but usually this is resolved by the end of the song. The song of the prophets is not yet over as long as there is a need for forgiveness and repentance.

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