Baptism of the Lord

Vicar’s Reflection: 11th January 2015, Baptism of the Lord

Getting back to basics is what this time of the year is all about. Christmas and New Year disrupt and plunge us into frantic busy-ness, end of year parties, New Year parties, holidays, travel, visitors, special services and events of all kinds. The year turns over and so do our expectations: a new step up the schooling system, a new school, a move to university or a new job. For some it means a return to ‘normalcy’ whatever that is! As the year advances we reconnect with the basics, we re-ground ourselves. Jesus’ baptism was his declaration to the world of the things that were basic to his ministry. Water to wash away past expectations and prepare for a new stage of life; the voice of God declared the new identity by which he was to be known: “You are my Son!” The saying: ‘Start as you mean to go on’ underlies the Baptism of Jesus and the worth of New Year resolutions. On a sombre note, the terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday were a shocking start to 2015. These things renew a call in me to get back to the basics of Christianity. To be clear that any ideology or religion that attempts to justify what these men has done is not worthy or adequate as a basis for anyone’s faith or life. Jesus declares a better way. Our basic task is to immerse ourselves in his way and live as his disciples.

Alex Czerwonka

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