Running the race

Vicar’s Reflection: 15th February 2015, Ordinary Sunday 6

The Cricket World Cup is upon us. Interestingly there are sporting references in the Bible. Sadly, only one reference to cricket in Leviticus 11:22. Most sporting references in the New Testament refer to running a race or combat type sports like boxing or wrestling. Every mention recognises the competitive aspect of sports. Writing to the Corinthians St Paul says: “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?” The same is true for cricket. All the teams will play but only one will emerge as the winning team. It is rather surprising that St Paul uses sports so frequently considering the ‘only one winner’ scenario. The Gospel that Jesus and St Paul proclaimed was a Gospel of the mercy, grace and forgiveness of God offered as a free gift. No striving or bargaining or effort can earn this gift. The winning of this gift from comes not from our effort but from recognising and following the one who won it for us, Jesus Christ. He won the prize supremely and alone. As we join his team we share in the benefits of that prize. So in the provision of God there are no losers, only those who choose to reject God’s gift. That will not be the case with the World Cup however. May the best team win!

. Alex Czerwonka

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