Lent 1

Curates reflection Lent One.

On this first Sunday of Lent the theme centres on Jesus’ wilderness experience that Mark’s gospel tells so pithily. It is worth reading the few verses again because much is contained in few words. We learn that Jesus was baptized in the Jordan during which he was bathed in water and words of love and acclamation from God his father. Immediately after his baptism Jesus was driven into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. We are given the picture of the highs and lows of Jesus’ life which rings true for us too. How often it seems that a “mountain top” joy-filled experience is closely followed by sadness or pain. It is hard and sometimes impossible to accept that the pain can be God-permitted for us too. And yet the Holy Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness. This preparation time was vital for his ministry. God didn’t abandon Jesus in the wilderness, but accompanied him through it. Wilderness experiences are part of our preparation for life and ministry too. We don’t want to have a God who allows wilderness experiences as part of our journey, yet we are often most blessed by the discoveries we make there. We are strengthened by knowing that Jesus has been there before us and that God will be with us throughout. Wherever you are in your journey I encourage you to contemplatively enter the wilderness this Lenten season. What are your temptations? Fears? Difficulties? Directions? Consciously seek God’s voice.

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