Lent 2

Curate's reflection 01/3/2015

During this week many of us participated in the first week of our Lenten study in which we were challenged to reflect on the ways in which Jesus has transformed our lives and to give thanks for them. We were further encouraged to use the week between gatherings to pray about areas of our lives and personality where we are more water than wine, areas that still need transformation. This is really the journey that we are all on together everyday of our lives for the rest of our lives. When Jesus told Peter and the disciples “If you lose your life because of me and the Message, you’ll save it” (Mark 8: 31-38), he was issuing a challenge that is repeated over and over in the New Testament. The challenge is that because Jesus dies we must lose our lives too. We must pick up our cross and risk pain and suffering to follow Jesus. I know it’s a challenge we want to shrink from, or rationalize. And yet Jesus is clear. We lose our lives not only for our own sakes but because by living that way we make Jesus’ message visible and alive to others. The actuality of the cost of the cross will be different for each of us. Lent is a time when we conform ourselves in very specific and intentional ways to the Jesus way. We are invited into intentional focus on the transformation Jesus is working in our lives which moves and inspires us to pay attention to our own sinfulness and repent, our own busyness and pray, our greed and give, and our abundance and deny ourselves. As Jesus promised, it is the way of life; it should add tremendous value and joy to our journey. Yet it is hard. We need help. As the body of Christ we are to be on this journey together, helping and being transformed together. We are so fortunate to have each other, to journey together. Julie Guest


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