Easter day

Vicar’s Reflection: 5 April 2015, EASTER DAY

One of the children from St Francis Whanau Aroha Centre asked me a question: “If the Church is Jesus’ house why isn’t Jesus there?” Well, I thought that was a very good question. My answer was that He is present in the church which is God’s house as much as Jesus is in our hearts. The church is the place where we not only remember Jesus but we also try to be like Jesus so much that people will say they have met God in this place. I think my answer made some sense to him. I hope it makes sense to you. If we cannot find God in the church, which is His Body, then what hope is there for us and for the world? At every Easter we make this proclamation: “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!” More than anything else this proclamation means that Jesus is still present in the church and in the world. Perhaps not always easy to see or recognise, but present and living all the same. May we strive this Easter to recognise the risen Lord in one another! Have a happy joyous Easter!

Alex Czerwonka

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