Easter 2

Vicar’s Reflection: 12 April 2015, 2nd Sunday of Easter

In the face of the blazing reality of the resurrected presence of Jesus the doubts of Thomas melted away. Thomas was much more than a doubter however, he was also courageous, as when he declared his willingness to accompany Jesus on his journey to Jerusalem and to inevitable death (John 11:16). The later life of Thomas was of high adventure, daring and travel to far away India taking with him the Gospel of the Resurrection. The role of doubt is important in finding faith. Doubt makes us question and search for meaning and to not be satisfied with superficial answers. Thomas found sufficient truth in his encounter with the risen Lord Jesus to fire him up for a life of missionary service in faraway lands and according to tradition to die as a martyr. Much of the evil and destruction in our world can be traced to people who have not found a fulfilling purpose for their lives. In the transforming power of Jesus resurrection there is enough to empower and transform every person searching for a purpose. At our 10 am service today baby Zoe Walklin is to be baptised. Zoe is a lovely name, it means ‘life’. Our prayer is that Zoe will not only lead a happy and fulfilling life but that she will discover the life that God has planned for her. May we all discover such a life.

Alex Czerwonka

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