Easter 3

Vicar’s Reflection: 19 April 2015, 3rd Sunday of Easter

In our last ‘Reaching Out’ Parish Magazine p15 there was a call from a parishioner (Tim Edwards) to engage in a day of prayer and fasting. I agreed to noon to noon on Friday 24 and Saturday 25th April. I have been asked what is meant by being ‘under attack’ and what is the purpose of this vigil? My understanding is that the church generally is always in a relationship of tension with the culture that surrounds it. That is the nature of being ‘in the world but not of it.’ (See John 17:15-18). We live at a time when support for traditional churches is in serious decline. This puts pressure on us in many ways as we seek to maintain traditional expectations while urgently needing to explore new directions. This can be perceived as being under attack but another way of looking at it is as a challenge by the Holy Spirit to search for new ways to re-connect with people and our culture. If we continue doing the same things in the same way we will get the same results: decline. Our vigil is a time to pray and reflect on how we respond to this challenge. Please use this time to ask God for fresh insights, encouragement and inspiration to share with others. Those whom we honour this ANZAC Day went to war to protect precious values including the freedom to worship God. Our vigil will honour their sacrifice as we strive to keep our Christian faith vital, fresh and relevant. Alex Czerwonka

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