After Ascension/ Easter 7

Vicar’s Reflection: 17th May 2015, 6th Sunday of Easter

We went to a concert once to hear a favourite singer perform great songs and give an enthralling performance. At the end he left the stage followed by rapturous applause that went on and on. So back he came for an encore; then left again. Rapturous applause continued, so back he came again for a last final song and then left again. Clearly the audience did not want the experience to be over but there are limits to what any one person can give to feed the inexhaustible demands of a massive crowd. It was a great experience but it had to end. We could not bask in the presence of even the greatest of singers forever. Life has to go on and we have to live in the real world. This is what the Ascension experience was like for the disciples and for the church: that last final exit after a series of encores after the Resurrection. In those encores, Jesus had dispelled the doubts of Thomas and others; reminded his disciples of their mission to be ‘fishers of men’; opened the scriptures to understand his true identity; and commissioned them for their work as his apostles and ambassadors. If he had not convinced them of his physical departure they would not have got on with the business of the Kingdom. Neither would we. Let’s get on with the mission.

Alex Czerwonka

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