Ordinary 10

When I look around our world today I am saddened by the evil that is all around us. A world that is beautiful and awe inspiring in some places but full of war, corruption, hate, deceit, people going hungry and without homes and little clothing, while others are over fed and wealthy giving little thought to the plight of others. – What has caused all this? Our gospel touches on this this morning where we read of Jesus being accused of being possessed by Beelzebub or Satan. Who could ever imagine or think that of Jesus. That he was capable of ministering in the power of Beelzebub. However, we shouldn’t be too surprised because Jesus prophesied of such things. He prophesied that we too would experience such things. If we do the work of Christ, live for Him, and then we will also share in his fate. We will experience accusations like these. What we need to do is forgive and forget, hold our heads up high and move on. Satan delights in those he can subtly capture and make fall but we have Jesus our strong man and Saviour who is so much bigger than our enemy. Jesus who treasures us, sets us free when we go astray, forgives us. We have an amazing God who loves us so let us serve Him and not the one who would try to distracted.

Gaelyn Brake

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