Ordinary 12

From the smallest to the largest, from the strongest to the weakest; this is the contrast of today’s readings. Last week we considered the latent power in a mustard seed. Today it is David facing off against Goliath; the Psalm is about the Lord as a righteous judge over the powerful who oppress the powerless; and in Mark’s Gospel Jesus confronts and calms the powerful natural forces of wind and waves. When faced with powerful forces, seemingly beyond our capacity to change what are we to do? There is a popular slogan, supposedly a quote from HRH: “Keep calm and carry on!” More than this is suggested by these scriptures. Perhaps we are also called to challenge misuse of power, and to refuse to accept injustice or oppression of any kind; not only helping those who are in need but also challenging those in authority to use their power to help the most vulnerable. In our country this may mean writing to Parliament in support of social housing. Beyond our shores there are so many refugees in need of assistance. We can donate through helping agencies but also ask questions of governments about what they are doing to change the causes of such suffering. Sometimes it is not comfortable being a Christian.

Alex Czerwonka

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