Ordinary 18

Vicar’s Reflection: 2nd August 2015, Ordinary Sunday 18

Even when understanding comes with hindsight sometimes questions remain. Take King David, who conspired to have one of his loyal soldiers, Uriah the Hittite killed in battle so he could steal his wife. As a young man David was anointed as Israel’s next King by Samuel because of the prophet’s insight that David’s heart was pure and good. Where did this early goodness go so that as the crowned and recognised King he became a lustful, treacherous, murderer? It was another prophet, Nathan who diagnosed the state of David’s heart with the parable of the lamb. This clever story told in disguise what David had done and David pronounced the judgement on himself when he denounced the actions of the man who had stolen the poor man’s lamb. David’s saving grace was that he recognised the rightness of this judgement and accepted that he was at fault, that he had sinned terribly. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. The question that remains for me is what about those harmed by David’s selfish actions? He admits his sin to God and seeks forgiveness but there is no mention of seeking forgiveness from those harmed. Despite the questions God’s grace is at work when we turn away from sin and seek the good. Alex Czerwonka

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