3 rd Sunday in Lent

Vicar’s Reflection: Lent 3, Sunday 28th February 2016

“I’ll do that tomorrow..” How often do we say or think that? Sadly, for some people, something tragic will overtake their plans. Such as for Utah couple Ruth-Ann and Mitchell Peterson, and their friend Tammy Barnett while on "the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand." They died in a car crash west of Hamilton in March last year. Tragedies like this should not make us try to cram a whole lifetime into a day; nor should they make us think that those killed were at fault in some way and therefore God punished them. Some people wrongly think this. Life is contingent, meaning it is unpredictable and dependent on all kinds of random effects and causes. When Jesus spoke about “those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them” he plainly says that they were “no worse sinners than all the other Galileans!” How then should we live? Jesus said we should take every opportunity to get right with God and turn from sin, which means turning towards the abundant life God promises. Receive as a gift from God the simple pleasures of life and make them a prayer of thanksgiving: -a walk in the sun (or the rain); moonrise over the lake; a cup of coffee with family or friend; a favourite song on the radio. These are simple things that when received from, and then given back to God, make every day into a rich blessing.

Alex Czerwonka

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