Lent 2

Vicar’s Reflection: Sunday 12h March 2017, Lent 2

We live in a world of risk. When we travel we risk accident, when we build we risk destruction, in life we risk ill health, injury and even death. Risk can lead to destructive transformation. Something must counter-balance this negative side of risk or else we should all give up, go home, close the doors and never get out of bed. Even that can be risky however as you could still trip over your fluffy slippers. The sunny side of risk is possibility and potentiality. In Jesus we see someone who, as St Paul wrote in Philippians 2:6 had the ‘very nature of God’ yet gave up this exalted state to live as one of us; risking disease, hunger, persecution, Roman bureaucracy and 1st Century Jewish cooking. The risk could only be worth it if Jesus could bring a new dynamic into the world; a dynamic that would unlock the possibilities and potentialities of a redeemed humanity. We know he succeeded. Our Lenten studies involve reading and reflecting on the risk of following Jesus. We also consider the risks Jesus took, and the glimmerings of possibility which encouraged him and guided him. The gospel today records his transfiguration experience on the mountain with Peter, James and John, giving them a foretaste of the resurrection possibilities and potential to come. What risks will you take to discover your gospel possibilities and potential?

Alex Czerwonka

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