Sunday March 19 2017

Vicar’s Reflection: Sunday 19th March 2017, Lent 3

When it seems you don’t have much to work with, remember Moses and the rock (Exodus 17). All he had was a bunch of thirsty and complaining people stranded in a desert. Moses also had God to prompt him and a knowledge of the desert from his time there as a fugitive and herdsman. There was water in the desert but it took that experience and a prompting from God to find it. We may feel that we are helpless, troubled sinners, enemies of God even, yet all God has to work with is us sinners according to St Paul, and that’s enough (Romans 5). Go outside, to a garden, and scoop up a handful of soil. Look closely at it. There are up to ten times more living organisms in a handful of soil than there are people on earth. Yes, it is just dirt, but it is amongst the richest of substances in the universe. Only your brain is more richly complex. Dirt sustains life and is itself chock full of life. It is fitting that our Psalm expresses the wonders of God’s creation declaring that God’s hand fashioned even the dry land. We can take ordinary things for granted: water, a rock, the soil beneath our feet, even feel like dirt ourselves. But God has ‘fashioned’ us for a purpose with amazing complexity and skill, to be God’s friends and to bear a harvest of goodness in His name.

Alex Czerwonka

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