16 April 2017 Easter Day

Vicar’s Reflection: Sunday 16th April 2017, Easter Day

Life throws some big storms our way sometimes, like the storm we have just endured through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. A storm is an interruption writ large. It disrupts our lives, forces us to change plans and imposes a different and unwanted future on us in the short term and sometimes in the long term. Property is destroyed, lives put at risk. Nature is very badly behaved sometimes. Jesus also passed through the storms of life and in the end lost his life to forces and powers that overwhelm the innocent and vulnerable. Jesus put himself in the way of these forces in order to share our human condition as fully as possible. No one can say that Jesus took a short-cut to salvation or that he was shielded from human suffering by the privilege of being the Son of God. However, Easter has arrived. That was then, this is now. With the great shout of the Easter acclamation: Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed! -the Son of God throws off his purple robe of mortality and is revealed as the eternal Saviour of the world. Bringing a salvation that is for all who will trust and believe in him, and who by living in obedience to his teachings and example will help to make His redemption an enduring reality for all. May the rest of Easter be a joyful celebration for your all. Happy Easter.

Alex Czerwonka

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