Ordinary 26 1 October 2017

Vicar’s Reflection: OS 26, October 1st , 2017

“Our life has its seasons, and God has the reasons / why spring follows winter, and new leaves grow..” so begins a lovely hymn we will sing today. We all trace a path through life and that path has ups and downs, diversions and delays, triumphs and tragedies. Jesus tells the story of a young man impatient to experience all that life offers. His impatience is such that he rejects and abandons the familiar and safe to embrace adventure; risk; excitement! It all ends badly of course. He drags himself home in humiliation and throws himself on the mercy of his father. We know the story. To some extent it is our story. But there is another story. The life of Jesus told in Philippians, which is almost the mirror opposite of the prodigal’s. Jesus who humbled himself, accepting the role of a servant. This also could be our story. The two different pathways are placed beside each other in our readings today to compare and contrast; and to choose. Our lives are not completely within our own control, but whatever happens to us we can choose how we respond to what happens. We can choose to believe; to hope; to love. While time lasts these are always our choices.

Alex Czerwonka

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