St Luke's day 29 October 2017

Vicar’s Reflection: ST LUKE’S DAY, October 29th, 2017

The word ‘icon’ comes from the Greek word ‘eikon’ and literally means “image”. Computer icons are so familiar to us now that it’s hard to remember that originally an icon was an image of an important or holy figure. When Jesus was questioned about paying taxes he asked for a coin and said: “Whose image (‘eikon’) and inscription is this?’ Iconography is the study of religious icons. Computing icons were hijacked from this original use, however the function they serve is in many ways the same. Just as a computer icon takes the user to another place in a computer or on the world wide web, so also a religious icon was intended to transport the viewer by giving them a glimpse into a greater reality. When we view icons of St Luke, whose memory we honour today, we can enter his reality and understand his passionate concerns for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Icons of Luke associate him with a winged ox or bull – a figure of sacrifice, service and strength. He is also depicted as an artist painting an image of Mary with Jesus and as a healer or surgeon with surgical instruments. May we have the same passion for the gospel; the same strong determination to serve God sacrificially, and through our service to others, reveal the beauty of Christ’s healing love and presence today.

Alex Czerwonka

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