Advent 4 - Sunday 24 December 2017

Vicar’s Reflection: Advent 4, Sunday 24th December 2017

I put words on paper. The words have meaning to me. Someone reads these words and understands what they mean; so, a message is conveyed. Was the message I intended the same message the reader received? Words convey a message and have power to change the world. When a couple stand before a minister and amongst their family and friends to declare love and life-long commitment, those words: “I do/ I will” have the power to change their worlds forever. Angels are God’s messengers. When the angel visited Mary, a message of profound meaning was conveyed. Luke records those words, but it can only have been Mary who truly knew what was said. Luke’s record is enlightened by what happened much later. The really important words were those spoken by Mary, who after receiving the message from God declared: “I am the Lord’s servant… may your word to me be fulfilled!” It is these words of identity and acceptance that transformed Mary’s life and the life of the world. By speaking these words, she also modelled discipleship. We cannot always control what happens to us in life. In Mary’s case it was an unexpected and inconvenient pregnancy. We all have ‘curve-balls’ thrown at us. We have choices. We can regard ourselves as victims, spread blame and make excuses. Or we could declare like Mary: ‘I am a child of God, whatever happens You are with me.’

Alex Czerwonka

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