17 June 2018 11th Ordinary Sunday

Vicar’s Reflection: 17th June 2018, 11th Ordinary Sunday

Don’t despise small beginnings! In 2015 a San Francisco recycling centre discovered a rare Apple I computer donated by a woman who was clearing out her husbands ‘junk’ after he died. Only about 200 of the first-generation Apple computers were made and only 63 are known to still exist. The Centre was searching for the woman to thank and pay. They recognised the value of the old computer and sold it to a private collector for about $US200,000. Now of course Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world and their products are used all around the world. “Don’t despise small beginnings” comes from the prophet Zechariah (4.10) in defence of the small foundations laid for the rebuilding of the Temple. I think of them in relation to the anointing of David by Samuel. David, the youngest of Jesse’s sons was at first overlooked as a possible future king. Samuel guided by God knew to look beyond appearances to David’s inner qualities. Even after his anointing, Saul remained king for many years while David grew. Our readings today are about growth from small beginnings. Jesus used the mustard seed as an analogy for the growth of the Kingdom of God. From small beginnings great things can develop. Those who do the planting do not always see the results. Do not be discouraged by winter bleakness, for it is the time to prepare the soil for new seed. Growth will come. The church is today in such a time of preparation for new growth. Alex Czerwonka

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