28 October 2018 - Ordinary 30

Vicar’s Reflection: 28th October 2018, Ordinary Sunday 30

“Missing Pieces” is a TV programme in which people are reconnected. Several such programmes recently enable family who have become separated, whether by choice, or dispute or adoption, to be re-united. The presenter David Lomas brokers a meeting between the family members. Often the stories are very moving and the reconnection even more so. True to its name, once the ‘missing piece’ of the family is restored there is a stronger sense of identity, a sense of completeness and restoration. In many of the stories of Jesus meeting people we do not know their names, but Jesus is often careful to restore people to connection and regain a sense of their identity, purpose and esteem. In the reading today (Mark 10: 46-52) Jesus meets and heals a man of blindness. He is not only named but we are also given his father’s name (Bartimaeus son of Timaeus). This is interesting because Bartimaeus calls to Jesus by name and names his ancestor, David. Bartimaeus is subtly sending a message to Jesus that he respects him and his ancestry, his ‘whakapapa’. He ‘sees’ Jesus for who he truly is. Earlier, people had been questioning who Jesus was and who was the greatest. Bartimaeus sees the reality of Jesus as the inheritor of David’s kingship. In response Jesus restores his physical sight as a sign to affirm the rightness of this perception. When we see who Jesus truly is it enables us to see many other things, including ourselves, more clearly. Alex Czerwonka

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