Christmas Day - 25 December 2018

Vicar’s Reflection: Christmas Day, 25th December 2018

We don’t often see an hourglass these days, except as a novelty egg-timer. Once they were important ways of marking time especially for the completion of a task, as on a Great Kiwi Bake-Off programme: “You’ve got one hour to turn this pig’s ear into delicious entrée and your time begins ….now!” Or during the night, if we have trouble sleeping as children do on Christmas Eve, we mark the hours to the magic time of dawn when we can open our gifts. The way an hourglass works is that all the sand in the top half of the glass must trickle, one grain at a time, through the narrow opening to the glass bowl below. Every single grain must go through the narrow ‘gate’. I think of history like this and that Jesus Christ is like the narrow gate through which all history must be interpreted because he is the one through whom the world was created, and yet he became part of this very world. Jesus is the person through whom the world begins to make sense, like that last missing component in a complex puzzle. He is the gate to the future, the light shining in the darkness, the precious gift by whom God becomes present and real, here and now. As we gather this Holy Christmas Day may his light be rekindled in our hearts so we live each trickling moment to the fullest.

Alex Czerwonka

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