Lent 2 17 March 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: Lent 2, 17th March 2019

Jesus wept over Jerusalem. He knew it was about to enter a time of great suffering. When the governance of a country fails, as in Israel of old or in Venezuela now, life becomes a nightmare for its citizens. States fail when the leadership becomes obsessed with power and control rather than service and empowerment. Jesus saw the signs. His cousin John was executed on a whim, and Herod was out to get Jesus as well. Such capricious abuse of power results in the eventual failure of government. Israel descended into civil war a generation later and the Romans destroyed the city and nation. A situation that lasted nearly two thousand years. Christians are citizens of the Kingdom of God, but we are also citizens of a nation. It is important that we participate fully in the secular decision-making as citizens. In addition, as members of God’s Kingdom and our Parish we seek to honour God in worship and witness; and uphold the values of the Kingdom. Let us not take our citizenship in this nation or in the Kingdom of God for granted. Next week we hold our Parish Annual General Meeting. Please read the reports available at the back of church. It is not too late to put your name forward to serve in some way. To be effective as part of God’s Kingdom we need people who will step up to take responsibility. May we all be blessed as we serve God in Kingdom and Nation and Parish.

Alex Czerwonka

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