Lent 6/ Palm Sunday 14 April 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: Lent 6/ Palm Sunday 14 April 2019

“Who was that guy!?” We say this when some stranger intervenes unexpectedly to help out in difficulty and danger, and then disappears. ‘At their best people will tend to help each other in times of need. Our sense of safety and security comes from the kindness of strangers. Especially during disasters: floods, earthquakes, hurricanes … and even in normal times. Out of the horror of the Christchurch massacre there have also come stories of the kindness of strangers. People who stopped and helped even when they could have been in danger. Our Prime Minister has led the way in the respectful and kind way she has challenged us all to reach out to strangers with the phrase “They are us”. The story of Jesus is filled with the kindness of strangers, of people unknown to us. Such as the person who loaned the donkey; the person who loaned the room for the Last Supper; the people who laid cloaks on the road and waved palms; and nearer the end, of the one who carried his cross for him, known only as Simon of Cyrene. Perhaps the most important stranger in the Gospels is Jesus himself. ‘Who was that guy!?’ and why did he come to save us? -Perhaps the most important question to ponder this Easter.

Alex Czerwonka

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