Easter day 21 April 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: EASTER DAY 21 April 2019

Merchants of death must be provoked by the Christian observance of Easter. They seek to transform the world by inflicting violence and death. The resounding answer to them is the joyous shout of acclamation made around the world on this Easter Day: “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!” Those for whom the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was their place of worship will make this Easter acclamation in the assurance not only of Christ’s resurrection but of the rise of their great cathedral. Even terrorists are unsuccessful against this Easter hope. “The blood of martyrs is the seed of the church”, is a saying from a letter called ‘The Apology’ by Tertullian in 197 A.D in which he protested to the Roman Emperor about persecution of Christians. This saying rings true when people respond to violence with actions of mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation. Those who commit violence must be brought to justice first of all and receive their due punishment as a consequence of their actions. But this is just the start. What also must happen is a thorough exploration of the causes of violence and the remedying of any injustice that gave rise to it. This is much harder to do and requires self-examination. We are part of one world. When we examine ourselves do we find prejudice and intolerance? If we value mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation and justice we must seek it for all not just for ourselves. Christ is risen indeed! And in His Gospel is our salvation. Alex Czerwonka

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