Trinity 16 June 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: TRINITY, 16 June 2019

Once upon a time there were three farmers. One grew corn, one grew beans and one grew tomatoes. They were proud of their crops and would argue with each other as to whose was the best and most nutritious. The corn farmer boasted of his sweet corn which grew tall and beautiful with proud tassels waving in the wind. Each cob had tough green outer leaves and silky fibres that protected the golden kernels, delicious and sweet to eat and full of nutritious protein. My corn are the best he declared! The bean farmer boasted of his clever and delightful beans. They could climb any trellis to the top, sending out tendrils and red flowers from which green pods grew. When harvested the green pods could be eaten whole or the inner beans stored for winter food. My beans are the best he declared! The tomato farmer boasted of his bold red tomatoes. Every summer the lush green bushes produced an abundance of tasty red fruit that could be eaten fresh, preserved or made into sauce. My tomatoes are the best he declared! A wise woman happened to be travelling in their area and overheard their conversation. My friends she said. Each of you is right but together you are wrong. Neither corn nor beans nor tomatoes on their own provide complete nutrition to make a healthy diet. But put them together and they can sustain life forever. So they did this and invented the delicious stew called Succotash.

Alex Czerwonka

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