Ordinary Sunday 14 7 July 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: Ordinary Sunday 14, 7 July 2019

When people had no choice but to travel on foot or by horse milestones were important markers measuring distance travelled and yet to go. I remember as a child reading the story of Dick Whittington journeying to London and the only way he knew how far to go was through the milestones. We still use the word ‘milestones’ for special events on life’s journey even though we changed to kilometres in 1972. Jocelyn and I celebrated our 41st anniversary on the 1st July. Later in the year on the 18th of October we will celebrate a milestone of our Parish, the 130th year of our founding in 1889. By celebrating milestones in life and faith we tell the story of faithful witness to the Gospel in time and place and human lives. The writer of Psalm 66 celebrated the faithfulness of God towards the people of Israel. Although they faced threats and dangers from without and rebellion from within God has preserved them. Jesus sent a team of seventy disciples out to prepare the way for his final confrontation with the authorities in Jerusalem. They faced dangers and threats but returned to Jesus flushed with success. Jesus knew there were more milestones to travel and further dangers ahead but took time to celebrate with them that their names were “written in heaven”, as also should we.

Alex Czerwonka

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