Ordinary Sunday 17 28 July 2019 The Lord's Prayer

Vicar’s Reflection: Ordinary Sunday 17, 28 July 2019 The Lord’s Prayer

“Lord teach us to pray...” is the request of a disciple and remains a petition many of us would continue to make. In response Jesus gifted to them and us a beautiful prayer which frames the spiritual life of many and has shaped the faith of generations who not only pray it but who also reflect on its meaning as a glimpse into the heart of Jesus, the Son of God. Books have been written on this, so my humble reflection is just a taster for richer exploration. To pray the prayer of Jesus’ means we begin by honouring God as the Father of all humanity and assumes that God is the supreme authority of the ‘Kingdom’ that is both already here and ‘to come’. Live therefore as people to whom the laws of the kingdom already apply yet are not universally recognised. Live as forerunners, prototype citizens for a better world. The petition for daily bread is not limited to our next loaf of Molenberg; it is about our daily needs for physical sustenance and shelter, including basic human rights and respect before the law. The plea for our forgiveness is qualified by our willingness to forgive. Our relations with one another must be characterised by eagerness for reconciliation. The plea about temptation is a recognition that Jesus understands our frailty and vulnerability. The simplicity of this prayer is reassuring. Great and mighty deeds are not required to please God, just an open and forgiving attitude to life and one another.

Alex Czerwonka

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