Lost and Found - 15 September 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: Lost and Found: Ordinary Sunday 24, 15 September 2019.

As the Hawkes Bay Regional Ministry Convenor from 2008-2013; I had to travel a lot on the back roads of Hawkes Bay & Tararua. I sometimes got lost. There was a time when some local lads delighted in turning crossroad signs around to face in the wrong directions so with no phone reception and unreliable signs I got hopelessly lost sometimes, especially at night. At times like this I would get out of my car to stand on the highest point, and just look around, say a prayer and ask for God’s guidance. I usually found my way back to civilisation, but occasionally went on deceiving detours. I once stopped to ask directions and received the classic answer: “Well if I was going there...I wouldn’t start from here!” Lostness is a common thread in our readings today from the people of Israel, both geographically and spiritually lost; to St Paul reminiscing on his period of being spiritually lost; and Jesus’ stories about the lost sheep and the lost coin. Being lost means not being where you are meant to be. Being found means being restored to your proper place. Lostness is about relationships that have gone astray. We all find ourselves in such situations at times. Thankfully, God continually seeks for those who are lost. When we find ourselves at our lowest point we can turn back to God, ask for directions, make a start from wherever we are, journeying on to wherever we need to be.

Alex Czerwonka

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