Ordinary 27 6 October 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: PEOPLE OF HOPE Ordinary Sunday 27, 6 October 2019.

In the early days of psychiatry as a medical discipline there was a strong belief that human personality was shaped entirely by past events. It was believed that the influence of culture and environment, especially the early years of parenting and family life were the major, even only shaping forces of personality. We recognise now that things are a lot more complex than that. A major shaping force in personality development and in society generally is aspiration. What are the things we hope for, long for, aspire to? These also shape us. There is a proverb: “Where there is no vision, the people perish” from Proverbs 29.18. Just as the past shapes us so also does the future we choose to work towards. Our readings today remind us that the difficulties, risks and failures of the present challenge us to continue working for the better vision of the future represented by the vision of the Kingdom given by Jesus and the prophets. Our waiting is an active waiting, not with despondency, but by working and serving and creating new hope. Those who survive the winter best are those who actively waited, conserving the seed, preparing the soil, keeping their equipment and tools in good order so that when spring arrives, they are ready to begin sowing and planting. Even a mustard seed, if it is given a chance will grow into a great shrub providing food and shelter to the birds. This is our ordinary work, to be people of hope.

Alex Czerwonka

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