On the shoulders of Giants St Luke's Day

Vicar’s Reflection: On the Shoulders of Giants. St Luke’s Day, 27th October 2019

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Sir Isaac Newton used this phrase in response to the praise he received for his great contributions to science. Our parish is named after Saint Luke the Evangelist. Luke’s Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles are believed to be his works. Luke was a companion of St Paul and other early church figures. Luke was not Jewish but a Gentile doctor, referred to by Paul as “the beloved physician’. He carefully recorded the stories about Jesus circulating amongst eyewitnesses including some stories that are unique to his Gospel, indicating his special concerns. These include respect for the contribution and place of women as for example the nativity stories; the ministering women (7:48-8:3); and Mary & Martha (10:38-42). Luke also gives more details about Jesus’ concern for the circumstances of the poor and those healed. He wrote for a non-Jewish audience, emphasizing that Jesus came to make life better for the poor and lowly; and to include within God’s love those previously excluded: Gentiles; Samaritans; lepers; the disabled; prostitutes; tax-collectors. It is an ancient Christian custom to name communities of faith after a saint and for that church to honour that name by reflecting the character not only of Christ but also of their patronal saint. I hope and pray that after 130 years in Rotorua we will continue to shine the light of Christ and stand on the shoulders of St Luke as we minister today and plan our future.

Alex Czerwonka27 Ocy

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