All Saints Day 3rd November 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: All Saints’ Day, 3rd November 2019

The first words of the haka are ‘Ka mate! ka mate! ka ora! ka ora! – In other words: this is a matter of life and death. It may be a bit of an exaggeration, even for a World Cup rugby match, but the words are true. For all of us, each day can bring moments of life or death, depending on the choices we make, and our lives must come to an end one day. Facing the truth of our mortality inspires us to make the days of our lives as meaningful as possible. When we have just a few dollars we are careful how we spend them. When we know that our lives must end some-time we will use the remaining years, months or days as well as we can. We will want to contribute to making the world a better place. We may not be great composers, scientists, artists or political leaders with their great achievements; but if in some small corner of the world a tree grows that we planted, or a life is saved or helped because we donated to a charity, or a friend remembers us for a word of encouragement; we also have made the world a better place. Many un-named people, acting with kindness, love, respect and consideration of others can have a great effect in bringing blessing to communities. The feast of ‘All Saints’ is about remembering, and being, one of those who bring life to others: Ka ora! Ka ora! Alex Czerwonka

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