Oops! Wrong Question Ordinary 32 10th November 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: Oops! Wrong question! Ordinary Sunday 32,

10th November 2019

A young man and his parents were being shown around a great university campus. They visited the library, various colleges, lecture theatres, the auditorium, and science laboratories. They walked around the gardens, grounds and playing fields. At the end of their tour they were very impressed, and the young man asked: “This is all very grand but where is the university?” He had made a category mistake, wrongly thinking that the university was one institution amongst others, when in fact it was the overriding sum of all they had seen and more. Those who questioned Jesus made a similar category mistake when asking about the seven brothers, each of whom in turn married the widow. They asked the question as an attempt to discredit belief in the general resurrection. They assumed that the limitations of culture and custom in this life prevailed in the next, creating what was for them a logical impossibility: one woman with seven husbands. But human logic, culture and custom play no part in what God has done and continues to do in Christ. As St Paul said: “Human wisdom is no match for God’s foolishness” 1 Cor 1:25. God will do what God will do! Job’s declaration that with his own eyes he will look upon his redeemer makes no logical sense, but in the love, passion, power and trustworthiness of God we can have this confidence. This is the faith in which we stand firm.

Alex Czerwonka

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