Christmas day 25 December 2019

Vicar’s Reflection: Christmas Day, 25th December 2019

The joy and delight of Christmas can be overshadowed by the seemingly endless tales of conflict, suffering and woe we see on our various newsfeeds. It can seem that our own influence on the great affairs of the world do not matter. But wait! Remember an ordinary young woman called Rosa. Exhausted after a full day’s work, Rosa Parks boarded a bus in Montgomery, Alabama USA on December 1, 1955 and forever became one of the inspirational people who changed the world. She refused the driver’s order to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus where ‘coloured’ people were meant to sit. She was arrested for civil disobedience. Parks’ act of defiance, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott that followed, are recognized as pivotal moments in the civil rights movement in America. When Jesus was born, he and his family were surrounded by great forces jostling for power. Rome was extending its Empire. Israel was fighting for religious and cultural survival. The fading Empire of the Greeks still exerted influence. What did one little baby, born in poverty matter amongst all this? With hindsight we know better. Jesus made a difference. He continues to make a difference for millions around the world. In this season of Christmas and the New Year soon to dawn remember that every human life is precious and powerful because, in His name, we make it so.

Alex Czerwonka

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