Just one tick - Ordinary 5 9 February 2020

Vicar’s Reflection: Just one tick! Ordinary Sunday 5, 9th February 2020

I use lists. Sometimes I write them down, sometimes they are just in my head. A written list is best, provided you don’t lose it. This happened to a certain Catholic lady out shopping once. She had a list of things she needed at the pharmacy, so dropped off her list and then popped into the church next-door. When seated in the confessional she searched her handbag for her list of sins, and with a cry of horror she said, “O no! I’ve given the wrong list to the Chemist!” When I write lists, I tick them of as I complete each item. Anything not done goes forward to the next week. It is satisfying to look back on a year of fulfilled lists. Some items are easy like a reminder to send someone an email; others may be just one or two words but represent a huge amount of work and research: such as “Report for AGM”. Jesus once said: “I have not come to abolish them (the Law and the Prophets) but to fulfil them.” And he added that even the most minor points of law needed to be fulfilled. By some counts there were 613 Jewish rules or commandments which Jews needed to tick off when they were given to Moses as part of the covenant. A tough ask. But Jesus also gave us a new commandment to love one another about which St Paul said: “for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law” Romans 13.8. Just one tick!

Alex Czerwonka

We welcome Louise Ruth Whitaker and her family and supporters.

Louise has come for baptism this morning at 10am.

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