The Grasping Reflex 8 March 2020 Lent 2

Vicar’s Reflection: The Grasping Reflex.

Sunday 8th March 2020, Lent 2

By the time a birth takes place a lot has happened. The one to be born has grown from two microscopically small fused seeds; and the one giving birth has their whole anatomy stretched and altered. The family and community have made their preparations, anticipating a precious new member. Finally, when the waiting is complete a new person

arrives, exquisitely ready to lay hold of life and become bonded into the circle of humanity. This is a bit idealistic as we know that for many this picture of joyful expectation is not always the case. Still, new life is coming, ready or not. Jesus said to his secretive visitor, Nicodemus that unless we are born anew, we cannot see or enter the Kingdom of God. Just as a real human baby is formed in such a way that at birth they are physically and emotionally ready to “lay hold of life” so also there must be a process of preparation and readiness to lay hold of the Gospel of the Kingdom. A newborn baby has many attributes and reflexes that ensure their survival and growth, such as the palmar grasping reflex, sucking reflex, eye-contact and facial recognition bonding. Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus ends with the well-known declaration “For God so loved the world…” Our ability to see, understand and enter the Kingdom grows as we grow closer to the one and only Son sent by God to bring salvation. As we seek His face in all we do we will truly grasp the Kingdom. Alex Czerwonka

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