12 April 2020 Easter day

Vicar’s Reflection: Sunday 12th April 2020, Easter Day

We have a horse paddock across the road from us. Five horses go about their daily lives grazing ten acres of north facing hillside with calm serenity. They are unconcerned that the human creatures they share their lives with face the worst global threat in a lifetime. That it is Easter matters not at all to them. Their calm resilience inspires me to get on with life, to enjoy each day despite the unseen viral threat we face and the defensive Lockdown that has changed our lives so much. The events of the first Maundy Thursday and Good Friday were also major disruptions in the lives of Jesus and his followers. For Jesus, the end of his earthly life. For his disciples, seemingly the end of a dream for a better world. By his life, death and resurrection Jesus turned our world upside down. He transformed our value system. Those experiencing poverty or sickness no longer seen as worthless or accursed but as precious in God’s eyes. Those who were exploited and oppressed no longer seen as cheap human fodder but as equally deserving of justice as any of high rank. Children and widows and others without power put first in the kingdom. And the greatest tyranny of all: death, transformed into a beacon of hope by Jesus’ resurrection. We may not be able to gather to share in the great shout of the Easter acclamation: Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed! – but in our hearts and from within our isolation ‘bubbles’ may we make this Easter acclamation the calm serenity at the centre of our lives. Unlike the horses, we know the threat we face and we also know the Lord of Life who overcomes even death. May Easter be a joyful celebration for you all.

Alex Czerwonka

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