Small miracles 2nd Sunday of Easter 19 April 2020

Vicar’s Reflection: Small miracles. 2nd Sunday of Easter. 19th April 2020,

Two winters ago, I planted a lemon tree. It was in a good spot and it grew slowly as citrus often do at first, but it was healthy. Spring last year began with a heatwave remember? On November 3, 4 & 5 we had over 30-degree temperatures in our back yard. Soon after this our lemon tree shed all its leaves. It looked dead. I was advised to dig it out and replace it, but something made me hold on to hope. Its branches were still green and supple so I left it. Not long ago, after being bare all summer I noticed some tiny leaves and within two weeks it was flush with new growth. For four months it seemed dead and now it is alive. Resurrection miracles can happen. Even small miracles like this remind me of the great hope we have in Christ our living Lord. We are in this Covid 19 lockdown and our streets and community seem dead and empty. We all hope for a miracle of new life free of the fear of this virus that has changed our world. Easter confronts our fears of death and reminds us that God has a plan beyond all forms of death. God’s plan, revealed in Jesus, gives us a future and a hope. As St Peter said in his speech in Acts “it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him”. He is the Lord of Life. And for those who doubt, use your senses for there are miracles all around.

Alex Czerwonka

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