Sunday 10 May 2020 5th Sunday of Easter

Reflection on the Gospel

“Happy Easter!” “Thank you for ordering from us.” “You are the best!” These are messages written by a local supplier, placed inside boxes delivered to us over the past few weeks of lockdown. They encourage people to continue ordering online and supporting local business. It is a choice they have made: to foster a climate of good humour and to be friendly. It echoes the encouragement that we have received as a nation - as our Prime Minister, Jacinda, reminds us to be kind and keep safe.

Long before our meat delivery and Jacinda Ardern, Jesus preached a way – not just a way to God, but a way of being. It is the way of kindness, the way of goodness, the way of encouragement, the way of peace.

How in these strange coronavirus times are you expressing Jesus’ way? Some of your usual frameworks have been lost: there are no services at St Luke’s, no AAW meeting or Op Shop; no chance to gather as community.

  • How are you nurturing your love of God? What do prayer and worship look like for you now? How do you encounter Jesus?

  • What is love of neighbour for you? A phone call to a friend or a cheery wave to a neighbour? Or something else?

  • And what does love of self, supporting your inner life, seem like? How do you care for your own needs at this time?

Take a moment to ponder your answers to these questions.

Jesus, the way, the truth and the life, directs and guides us at all times and in all places. Sometimes we just need to stop, notice and be aware of the life of God around and inside us.

Then turn to prayer: for the world as it faces this deadly virus;

for those struggling, for the sick and dying; for our church community and those who live nearby; our families and friends; our own needs.

May Jesus, the way, the truth and the life, sustain you and bless you. Amen.

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