Patronal Festival Os St Luke's

A reflection for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Patronal Festival of St. Luke the Evangelist

This week we celebrate the Patronal Festival of our Church as we remember Saint Luke the Evangelist. St. Luke wasn’t one of the twelve disciples of Jesus but was thought to be one of the seventy who Jesus sent out as disciples that we read about in chapter 10 of his gospel. Luke was a friend of Saint Paul which we learn from the letter to the Colossians and in the second letter of Timothy, we learn that Luke was the only friend of Paul who was in prison with him.

St. Luke is understood to be the writer of the Gospel of Luke and of the Acts of the Apostles. He is thought to be a Gentile and the only Gentile writer of scripture which made it into the series of books which make up our Bible. Luke wrote his works which we understand to be about AD64-70 in response to the ministry of Jesus. His major emphasis was a story of the movement of the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome making the gospel available for Gentiles as well as the Jewish people.

He aimed to show how the Good News of God’s salvation for all people began and how that Good News was made available through Jesus the Messiah and the Holy Spirit. Luke’s gospel became the means to share the teachings and desire of Christ which pointed readers to care for those who are on the margins of society; the poor, foreigners, women, and any who felt they were not worthy of God’s blessing of salvation. Luke was a physician, who cared for people and this theme comes through in his writings.

So, as people who worship under the umbrella of St. Luke, how are we called to act in our time and place?

I believe we are called to share the good news of Christ, just as Luke did. We are further invited to help the poor, to welcome those who are strangers to our city, to respect all people and to help those in need, and finally we are called to share Christ’s desire for all people to experience God’s love. St. Luke gives us a way of living as Christ planned as we share this love with those we encounter.

Rev’d Bruce Allport

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