The Wobbly Truth Sunday 1 March 2020 Lent 1

Vicar’s Reflection: The Wobbly Truth. Sunday 1st March 2020, Lent 1 There are different kinds of knowledge. An instruction book on riding a bike is of little help for your first wobbly start on two wheels. Our reading from Genesis today leaves us puzzled about why God should not want us to know good and evil. Surely this is vital and something all parents strive for with their children It helps to understand if we see that the knowledge being spoken of is not head knowledge. It is dynamic, and defining knowledge; the knowledge that bestows power. Knowledge and power are linked. Genesis gives examples of such knowledge as when Adam names the animals (Gen 2.19). Another form of knowledge is th

All at Sea OS 7 23rd February 2020

Vicar’s Reflection: All at sea. OS 7, 23rd February 2020 When you are at sea there are no roads or traffic signs. There are rules of seamanship that govern how ships behave when they encounter each other on the high seas. Ships are meant to pass to the right (starboard) of each other. Once during war exercises an American aircraft carrier saw a light on the horizon approaching head-on so signalled ahead: ‘Turn to starboard.’ There was no response, so they signalled again: ‘Turn to starboard we have a General aboard!’ again no response as the light got nearer. Alarm began to spread so they signalled again: ‘Turn to starboard! We are an aircraft carrier!’ This time there was a response: ‘You t

Ordinary 6 16th February 2020

Vicar’s Reflection: Ordinary Sunday 6, 16th February 2020 Someone once challenged me with the question: “Can you prove the existence of God?”; implying that if I could then he would believe. As often happens with questions like this, the way it is framed creates a problem. As in the question: “have you stopped stealing?” If you answer no, then clearly you are a thief. If you answer yes you are not absolved since you were a thief. The question ignores the possibility that you may never have stolen. Two words in the question about God cause problems. Firstly, the word ‘prove’. Proving something involves trying to gain accurate knowledge of something unknown (God) by comparing it with things t

Just one tick - Ordinary 5 9 February 2020

Vicar’s Reflection: Just one tick! Ordinary Sunday 5, 9th February 2020 I use lists. Sometimes I write them down, sometimes they are just in my head. A written list is best, provided you don’t lose it. This happened to a certain Catholic lady out shopping once. She had a list of things she needed at the pharmacy, so dropped off her list and then popped into the church next-door. When seated in the confessional she searched her handbag for her list of sins, and with a cry of horror she said, “O no! I’ve given the wrong list to the Chemist!” When I write lists, I tick them of as I complete each item. Anything not done goes forward to the next week. It is satisfying to look back on a year of fu

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