Passion Sunday 29 March 2020 Lent 5

Vicar’s Reflection: Passion Sunday. Sunday 29th March 2020, Lent 5 In ancient Greek sporting contests such as the first Olympic Games the events were called agons or agonies which means conflict, struggle or contest. This could be a contest in athletics, in chariot or horse racing, or in music or literature. From this word ‘agon’ we also get 'agony', and in theatre or storytelling the unfolding drama between protagonist (hero) and antagonists (villains). It is this meaning that has given rise to the name: ‘Passion’ Sunday and the term ‘the Passion or Agony of Christ’. In these last days before His crucifixion, we see Jesus our protagonist striving, fighting and struggling against the antagon

Covid 19 22 March 2020 Lent 4

Vicar’s Reflection: Covid-19. Sunday 22nd March 2020, Lent 4 Dear friends, we are living through unprecedented times. The concern about the spread of virus Covid-19 has led to this announcement from our Archbishops (in part) as follows: “The Archbishops and Bishops of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand have together made the decision to suspended all public services of worship until further notice. This suspension will take effect following those services being held this coming Sunday 22 March. We know that the Church is more than just the buildings that we worship in. The Church is made up of believers who pray for others, care for others, serve others, love one another, and love t

The Grasping Reflex 8 March 2020 Lent 2

Vicar’s Reflection: The Grasping Reflex. Sunday 8th March 2020, Lent 2 By the time a birth takes place a lot has happened. The one to be born has grown from two microscopically small fused seeds; and the one giving birth has their whole anatomy stretched and altered. The family and community have made their preparations, anticipating a precious new member. Finally, when the waiting is complete a new person arrives, exquisitely ready to lay hold of life and become bonded into the circle of humanity. This is a bit idealistic as we know that for many this picture of joyful expectation is not always the case. Still, new life is coming, ready or not. Jesus said to his secretive visitor, Nicodemus

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