Journeying together 3rd Sunday of Easter 26 April 2020

Vicar’s Reflection: Journeying together. 3rd Sunday of Easter. 26th April 2020, On Friday 29 November 1985 I was ordained a Deacon by the Right Rev Watson Rosevear in St Paul’s Cathedral, Wellington. A year later I was ordained Priest by Bishop Brian Davis. So began a journey in ministry which I have shared with Jocelyn and our family. During that time, and earlier in Lay ministry roles, we have served in Parishes in Whanganui (2), Lower Hutt, Whakatane, Hawkes Bay (5), and Rotorua. It has been a privilege to share the lives of so many people in their times of deepest sorrow and greatest delight and much in between, including the Messy times. Serving the church in full time ministry is a cos

Small miracles 2nd Sunday of Easter 19 April 2020

Vicar’s Reflection: Small miracles. 2nd Sunday of Easter. 19th April 2020, Two winters ago, I planted a lemon tree. It was in a good spot and it grew slowly as citrus often do at first, but it was healthy. Spring last year began with a heatwave remember? On November 3, 4 & 5 we had over 30-degree temperatures in our back yard. Soon after this our lemon tree shed all its leaves. It looked dead. I was advised to dig it out and replace it, but something made me hold on to hope. Its branches were still green and supple so I left it. Not long ago, after being bare all summer I noticed some tiny leaves and within two weeks it was flush with new growth. For four months it seemed dead and now it is

12 April 2020 Easter day

Vicar’s Reflection: Sunday 12th April 2020, Easter Day We have a horse paddock across the road from us. Five horses go about their daily lives grazing ten acres of north facing hillside with calm serenity. They are unconcerned that the human creatures they share their lives with face the worst global threat in a lifetime. That it is Easter matters not at all to them. Their calm resilience inspires me to get on with life, to enjoy each day despite the unseen viral threat we face and the defensive Lockdown that has changed our lives so much. The events of the first Maundy Thursday and Good Friday were also major disruptions in the lives of Jesus and his followers. For Jesus, the end of his ea

Sunday 5th April 2020 Lent 6 Palm Sunday

Vicar’s Reflection: Sunday 5th April 2020, Lent 6, Palm Sunday I am struck by the description of Jesus’ procession into Jerusalem because it is a crowd scene. There will be no crowds this Palm Sunday, or Holy Week, or the great festival of Easter. Covid 19 has struck. Thousands are dying around the world and more will die unless we take these unprecedented measures of physical isolation. Despite withdrawal to home isolation we can still carry these events of Holy Week and Easter in our hearts and souls. Like those first disciples we journey with Jesus on his descent into darkness – betrayal, cowardice, conspiracy, torture, moral failure, execution -all visited upon an innocent man. Was His u

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