Ordinary 18 August 2 2020

Reflection for OS18, Sunday August 2nd, 2020 Gospel Reading, Matthew 14.13-21. The miracle of the loaves and fishes. The traditional place where Jesus fed the 5000 is an attractive bay on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. There is a convent nearby and the nuns manage the site. There is an altar and a worship area on the very edge of the lake and looking across the lake to the Golan Heights. I spent a year teaching in Israel and grew to appreciate the beauty of the Galilee. The area reminds one of NZ. I believe that Jesus deliberately chose places of beauty to teach. The gospel contains a beautiful message and this is reflected in the places where Jesus taught the disciples and the crowd

July 26 2020 Ordinary 17

Reflection for Sunday, July 26, 2020, OS17 Epistle Passage: Romans 8.26-39 This reflection brings us to the end of Romans chapter 8, and Paul’s teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit. In this passage Paul concentrates on two parts of the Spirit’s work. First, the Spirit assists our prayers. It is not always clear what we should pray. God sees the big picture; we see only a small part of God’s plan. We need guidance as we pray. Silence is an important part of our prayer as we lift our minds and hearts to God in openness to His Spirit. It can sometimes be helpful to let our thoughts wander and let the Holy Spirit take those wandering thoughts; God can and does communicate with us by guid

Ordinary 16 July 19 2020

Reflection for Sunday, July19, 2020, OS16 Epistle Passage: Romans 8.12-25 Last week we read about the Holy Spirit as our moral guide. Today’s reading carries the teaching forward. We are debtors in the sense that we have an obligation to live by the Spirit. This spiritual life involves adoption into the family of God. Paul expresses this and its implications by quoting the family name for the father – ‘We have received a spirit of sonship by which we cry Abba, Father’. This title was originally an Aramaic term of endearment which was taken over in early Christianity into more solemn liturgical use. Abba becomes a respectful title which expresses the obedience owed to God the Father. As ad

12 July 2020 - Ordinary 15

Reflection for Sunday, July 12, 2020, OS15 Epistle Passage, Romans 8. 1-11 We pass this week to the work of the Holy Spirit, and in particular to his work of moral guidance. The battle against sin passes into a consideration of Christian ethics. In this regard our behaviour is no longer governed by the Old Testament Law but by the Holy Spirit guiding us. The Old Testament Law had become cumbersome to the point where no-one could keep it. Christian ethics are a response to the Holy Spirit within us. It remains true that we still need some absolutes, like the Ten Commandments, and the commandments stand with the indwelling Spirit. Christian ethics are not black and white and there are some gre

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