Who was St Luke?

St Luke “the Evangelist” was a Greek-speaking citizen of Antioch, in what is now Syria. He’s called “the Evangelist” because he wrote the Gospel of Luke, telling the story of Jesus’ birth, ministry on earth, and the events leading up to his death and resurrection. Luke is the only one of the four Gospel writers who gives us a detailed description of Jesus’ conception and birth. Luke also wrote the book of Acts, which continues the story of the early followers of Jesus and the formation of the very first churches.


Luke was a friend of St Paul’s and is mentioned by name in some of Paul’s letters. He is often called “St Luke the Physician” because he was a doctor by profession. Luke travelled extensively with Paul during Paul’s ministry trips around the Mediterranean.


St Luke’s traditional symbol is a winged ox, and he is the patron saint of doctors, artists, students, and butchers! His feast day (the memorial of his death) is 18 October. 

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